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Dr. Anna McQuaid Ayers, DVM, CVA

Dr. Anna McQuaid is one of our newest doctors here at Winterville Animal Clinic, joining our team only 2 short years ago. Dr. Anna grew up in Jacksonville, Florida and attended veterinary school at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Anna has two beautiful and brilliant children. Her son Ben, 24, recently graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. Her daughter Lisey, 21, is a history major at Anderson University.

Dr. Anna's love of veterinary medicine started at a young age with a love for all animals, both large and small. Her career began with 10 years of equine practice where she focused on equine anesthesiology and surgery. Later she decided to extend her area of interest, and began working with small animals and focusing on Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Anna is a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist and is also certified by the International Chiropractic Association. She practices integrative medicine (using a combination of Eastern and Western medicine therapies, including herbs and acupuncture) to give her patients the best possible outcome.

When not working at the clinic, Dr Anna spends time on her farm with her 4 horses, 4 dogs and a three-legged cat she lovingly refers to as her "tri-pod". She enjoys endurance riding with her horses, and when her kids are home from school they are always eager to join her! She also enjoys road and mountain biking.

Dr. Anna has a strong faith and her love for the Lord is evident through the kindness she shows to all those around her. She says, "I love animals and I love people, so therefore I love my job!"

Dr. Anne Shirley, DVM

Dr. Shirley was born in Jacksonville Florida and moved to Dekalb county at a young age. Always an animal lover, she attended the University of Georgia School of Veterinary Medicine and graduated in 1986. She especially enjoys feline medicine and surgery as well as continuing her education in the areas of animal nutrition, immunology and radiology.

Dr. Shirley has been married to her wonderful husband, Stone, for 32 years and they have 2 sons who also work in agriculture. The family has a Jack Russel Terrier named Bonnie as well as 4 farm cats.

In her spare time she enjoys gardening (Dr. Shirley was recently certified as a Master Gardener!), tending to her families feed store, Shirley Feed and Seed, and working on her families farm, Shirley Acres, where they raise the famous Shirley's Show Cattle.

She also enjoys reading novels (her favorite book is The Yearling by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings) and also exploring different botanical gardens.

Dr. Don Cole, DVM

Dr. Don Cole has been practicing veterinary medicine for 36 years after graduating from Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1980. He moved to Athens in 2001 and joined the team at Winterville in 2004. In 2011 he decided to make the jump into practice ownership and bought the growing practice from the founder and current owner at the time, Dr. Wayne Brubaker.

Dr. Cole is a phenomenal clinician and surgeon and especially enjoys working on new surgery cases, diagnosing difficult endocrinopathies and using radiology and ultrasound to find the best plan of action to care for his patients.

Dr. Cole has been married to his brilliant wife, Dr. Judy Saik, for 36 years. They met in veterinary school and have enjoyed sharing a love of animals and medicine ever since.

Together they have one daughter, Catie, who is a navy physician. Their son-in-law, Dave, is a member of the navy as well, and works in computer science.

Dr. Cole and his wife have multiple animals including 3 dogs that they rescued (Abraham, Nellie and Winkie), 5 cats (Spice, Hello Kitty, Peter, Toby and Callie), 2 turtles (Flo and Eddy), 2 Horses (Firefly and Belle) and a Pony named Munchkin. They also have multiple doves and chickens!

In his spare time, Dr. Cole enjoys reading mysteries and historical novels as well as running in local road races. He is currently training for a half marathon and we all wish him the best!

Dr. Julie Gayer, DVM

Dr. Julie Gayer was born and raised in England, and met her American-born husband when he was a foreign exchange student in a college class they shared together. Dr. Julie moved to the United States in 1992 and married her American sweetheart that same year. Fulfilling her lifelong dream of becoming a veterinarian, she attended veterinary school at the University of Georgia. She graduated with her DVM in 2002 and has been practicing in small animal medicine ever since. Dr. Julie has 3 beautiful children: Amy age 16, Ellie age 13, and Jake age 10. The family has a revolving door of rescue animals including 2 cats (one who only has 3 legs!) and 3 dogs. In their spare time the active family competes together in triathlons. They also enjoy recreational swimming, jogging, and bicycling.

Dr. Matthew Groover, DVM

Dr. Matthew Groover was born in Statesboro, Georgia and obtained his veterinary education at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary medicine. Dr. Groover has been a full time associate at Winterville Animal Clinic for 6 years now. He says, “When I came to Winterville it felt like a great fit. There is a great family atmosphere among the employees.”

Dr. Matthew has always had a special interest in surgery, and is now our primary surgeon here at Winterville. He has trained with Dr. Jonathan Chambers, a former orthopedic specialist from UGA, and is now a pro at even the most complicated orthopedic procedures. He is excited to be able to provide much needed surgeries to his patients at a reasonable cost.

Dr. Groover has been married to his beautiful wife, Breanna, for 8 years. They have two children, a 4-year-old son and a 1.5-year-old daughter. Their family also includes a grey cat named Chubbs, a Pit bull mix named Tucker and a Vizsla named Sophie. The newest member of their family is a Chihuahua mix named Chocolate Chip, and everyone is very excited about this new puppy.

In his spare time Dr. Matthew is very active in his church. He also enjoys road and mountain biking, fishing and being in the great outdoors.

Dr. Wayne A. Brubaker, DVM

If you know the history of Winterville Animal Clinic, then you know the founder Dr. Wayne Brubaker. He was raised in the area and would follow in the footsteps of his father years to come. He remembers in 3rd grade when his dad was in vet school, once his dad graduated he would ride around in the truck with Dr. Henry Brubaker. This is how his love of animals started and to this day he still likes to mess around with the cows on his property. At the young age of 11 years old and only in the 6th grade Wayne told his best friend that someday he was going to build a veterinary hospital in Winterville.

His dreams were big, and his heart even bigger.

Dr. Brubaker would attend ABAC and UGA for his undergraduate degree, later getting accepted into the veterinary school program and graduating in 1977. He still held onto the dream of building a practice in Winterville, loving the community and wanting to serve his local area. He searched for a building, but there was nothing available, he waited patiently for ten years and finally; the building we are in today, had a “For Sale” sign on it. Dr. Brubaker jumped at the opportunity to start building his practice and his dream.

Winterville Animal Clinic has grown over the past 27 years and Dr. Brubaker thoroughly enjoys helping his clients in all aspects of pet ownership. He has built a team that has a passion for people and animals. He is semi-retired so it’s hard to catch him these days, but if you are lucky, you might still get to see him when you come in!

Dr. Brubaker is very involved with Cornerstone church in Athens and serves as a disciple on mission trips to Brazil and Ecuador. His heart is also with The Sparrow’s Nest; a local ministry helping to support many needs; he serves on the board of directors and has been associated with this group for over 10 years.

He has many pets at home, including dogs, cats and cattle. If he is not spending time in the pasture you can find him entertaining his five grandchildren and spending quality time with his beautiful wife and two sons.


Starla Rutledge - Office Manager, RVT

If you ever wonder how everything runs smoothly at Winterville Animal Clinic, despite being a busy practice seeing over 100 patients every day, you can look no further than our amazing office manager and head RVT, Mrs. Starla Rutledge!

Starla has been working in the field of veterinary medicine since she was 16 years old and started working with Dr. Henry "Doc Henry" Brubaker, long before Winterville Animal Clinic even existed! Through the years Starla gained her Associates degree in Animal Science and later studied to become a Registered Veterinary Technician.

When Doc Henry's son, Dr. Wayne Brubaker, bought Comer Veterinary Clinic, he brought Starla on board and she eventually ended up managing that practice for 12 years! Dr. Wayne moved on to build his own clinic and Winterville Animal Clinic was born. With some coaxing, Dr. Wayne convinced Starla to join him on the adventure that is now Winterville Animal Clinic.

Starting out as his only technician 13 years ago, Starla now manages the bustling practice and heads a team of 8 doctors, 3 RVTs and multiple veterinary assistants and receptionists.

From managing the books, sorting out scheduling and making sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes, there is really nothing that Starla can't do. Full time practice management doesn't leave her much time to use her technician skills, but she is still the first to be called for a complicated dental surgery (her favorite!) or to help out with a particularly challenging blood draw or catheterization. She is also always willing to help our younger RVTs as they work on their newfound skills.

Starla has been married to her wonderful husband, Dwight, for 28 years. They have 3 children who they adore: 26-year-old Caleb (along with daughter-in-law Hanna and precious grandson, Mickey), 21-year-old Macy (recently married to her loving husband Bobby) and 20-year-old Mylane. The family is rounded out by their 3 dogs, 2 barn cats, 25 free range chickens and 20 goats!

When not working at Winterville Animal Clinic, Starla loves spending time with her family. She enjoys going to farm auctions and touring old farm houses with her husband. They are currently renovating their house in a vintage farm style! She also enjoys weekend getaways with her mom and aunt, who are her best friends.

Starla puts her whole heart into her work at Winterville Animal Clinic and considers her employees and clients her extended family. Starla's office seems to be a revolving door of employees getting advice and pep talks from this pro in the field of veterinary medicine. Of Winterville's clients Starla says, "I hold my clients and their pets best interests at heart. I love my job, and try to treat each client as I would family."

Laura Smith - Senior Vet Assistant/Receptionist

Laura Smith is likely the first beautiful smiling face you will see when you walk into our office. Acting as our Front Office Manager, there seems to be no predicament that Laura cannot handle! Laura has been a member of Winterville's team for almost 10 years.

Hailing originally from Memphis, TN, Laura traveled to Wyoming and while working at Grand Teton National Park, she met her husband, Justin.

Justin just happens to be the younger brother of Winterville Animal Clinic's own Starla Rutledge. Family ties brought Laura and her husband to the Athens area, and landed her a job at Winterville Animal Clinic!

Laura and Justin now have a 15 month old daughter, Lucille Gray, who is the absolute love of their lives! They also have 2 rescue dogs, Cletus the Shih Tzu mix and Brutus the Pitbull mix, who keep Lucy Gray laughing all day long!

Laura was so great at running the reception area, that we haven't let her return to her roots of veterinary assisting, where she started 10 years ago. We are still quick to come get her if we need a quick blood draw or catheter placed, as she is one of the best with her technician skills! She also enjoys radiology and ultrasonography and is especially good at practicing low restraint handling with some of our more nervous patients!

In her spare time, Laura plays in two different coed soccer leagues. She also enjoys running, hiking and being outdoors. Laura's favorite guilty pleasure is picking out adorable clothes for her daughter....she is even currently learning how to sew!

Most of all Laura loves to laugh and make others happy. She hopes that every client leaves our clinic with a smile on their face and that every pet feels safe and welcome and is happy to come back and visit us again!

Sharon Evans - Senior Vet Assistant

Sharon Evans, our lead surgery technician, hails from Flint, Michigan. She has been working in the field of veterinary medicine since 1978, when she started working for Dr. Maxwell here in Athens, Georgia, right after graduating high school. Sharon learned many things while working for Dr. Maxwell including dog grooming, animal husbandry and exotics medicine. Sharon used this knowledge when she later managed a pet store, caring for many in-house avian, reptile and small mammal species. After 13 years working for the University of Georgia’s Health Center as a pharmacy technician, Sharon came back to the veterinary side of the medical field and joined the Winterville Animal Clinic team in 2011!

Sharon started out working in the pharmacy, but soon decided she wanted to get even more hands on and began studying for her Registered Veterinary Technology degree. As Sharon completes her degree, she is excited by everything she is learning. She especially enjoys performing dental cleanings, assisting with surgery and interacting with clients as she discharges surgery cases and helps clients understand how to care for their pets in the post-surgical period.

When Sharon is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, which includes her husband and high school sweetheart Lamar and their 13-year-old daughter. They share 3 dogs: a standard poodle named Bella, a miniature pincher named Tootsie and a Chihuahua named Tippy Toes. Together Sharon’s family enjoys gardening, cooking (Sharon once owned her own restaurant!) swimming in their pool and being active in their church.

Tonya Phillips - Senior Vet Asistant

Tonya Phillips is our longest-term employee here at Winterville. At 15 years old, Tonya and her mother brought their dog in to see Dr. Brubaker with a gunshot wound. After Dr. Brubaker saved her dog, he offered the young animal lover a position at his newly opening clinic and the rest is history.

Tonya married her husband, Jason, in 1996 and welcomed identical triplet daughters a few years later. Together they care for a 34¬-acre farm which includes: horses, cows, goats, chickens, rabbits, hamsters, fish, and of course her 8 rescued dogs and 7 rescued cats.

Tonya currently works as our staff team leader and manages our inventory and pharmacy. Tonya also helps with Winterville Animal Clinic's Wildlife program and has helped numerous rabbits, squirrels, raccoons and opossums be rehabilitated and released into the wild.

In her spare time, Tonya enjoys reading historic Civil War novels, traveling to the mountains and visiting Civil War Monuments with her family and being active in her church where her husband serves as the minister.

Chase Connelly - Vet Assistant

Chase Connelly came to Athens from Loganville, Georgia to complete his Bachelor's degrees in Cellular Biology and Animal Science. Chase grew up on a horse farm and took care of a petting zoo as a child, helping facilitate his love for large animals. With dreams of veterinary school on the horizon, Chase took a job at Winterville Animal Clinic in order to gain more small animal experience.

Chase has now been at Winterville for 3 years and manages all of our blood machines and radiology equipment (he's our technology genius!), as well as assisting in surgery, placing catheters and helping with client education and diagnostics.

Chase is currently awaiting entrance to veterinary school and we are enjoying every last minute we can with him before he leaves! He is most interested in Equine Sports Medicine and we know that one day he will become a fabulous Equine Practitioner. In his spare time he enjoys running road races, bike riding, working out, traveling and spending time with his dog, Perry.

Wayne Harltey Jr.

His energy is calm and his smile inviting. He is willing to help with anything; never complaining! He will tell you; “it’s like working with family at Winterville Animal Clinic, they are so supportive.”

Wayne Hartley joined us in the spring of 2015 and has been adding charm, positive support and character to our team ever since. He is a Brooklyn, New York native moving south in 2005. Looking into his family life; Wayne is the eldest of his five siblings. You could say being the oldest he helped raise his brothers and sisters! His dad is a retired Correctional Officer still living in NY along with one of his brothers. His mom and the other three siblings live in Metro Atlanta where she is the forerunner for a teens outreach program. She stays busy and works also as a real estate agent.

Wayne attended Fort Valley State University where he has graduated with a BS in Animal Technology in 2014. He is pursuing his RVT and wants to specialize in zoo medicine and wildlife rehabilitation. He dreams of traveling the world and doing research or working for the zoo. One day he wants to open his very own wildlife rehab center, maybe even similar to Bear Hollow Zoo.

While not at work at WAC, you can find him on his second job at UGA, caring for animals after surgery that need constant observation. So when does Wayne have free time to spend with his beautiful wife, they are newlyweds! He manages his time well and you can find him grilling, watching a good football game or whipping something up in the kitchen as he becomes very creative with his chef hat on! He enjoys traveling and learning Spanish. A good afternoon at home and hanging with friends is a perfect day for him! One of his favorite foods is actually Oatmeal Cream Pies and Oatmeal raisin cookies! He would love it if you dropped them off sometime; of course to share with his friends on staff!

He has two spoiled rotten Pit Bulls at home, named Phynx and CK. They are very well trained, energetic, playful! Also to his exotic collection are a Bearded Dragon; Kratos, a Catalina Macaw; Salsa and a Ball Python; Apollo.

Hannah Harden

You may not see her every day, as she is one of our summer employees who have been with us for a few years! Her pets have been patients even longer; over the past nine years! She actually started bringing her pets to WAC when she was just twelve with her parents! She has lived in Athens her whole life; and just celebrated a milestone 21st birthday! When you walk in our front door you will be greeted with a beautiful smile and pleasant personality! She remembers how helpful and kind the staff was at WAC and dreamed one day of becoming part of our team.

She is very close with her family and has an older sister named, Pilar. Pilar has a Yorkie named Mini who she thinks is very sweet. Tracie and Chris are her parents; they too have a Yorkie named Belle and a Beagle named Lucy. They have seen Hannah grow up around animals and felt that veterinary medicine is where she would end up. Hannah’s grandparents; Etta and Bobby have helped her foster her love for animals; growing up around ducks, chickens, rabbits, turtles, cats and dogs!

Hannah currently has one lively adolescent Golden Retriever puppy named Avah. She thinks Avah could achieve the “Best Cuddler Award.” Currently Hannah is attending the University of North Georgia in Dahlonega, she hopes to transfer on to UGA to achieve her business management degree. She’s been on the Dean’s List for three years and a presidential athletic scholar for the last two and a half years. She is involved with the Kappa Delta Sorority. In 2015 she was part of the World Series Softball National Championship team. She has played sports her whole life and is willing to try just about any of them! She may be a little competitive!

One of our veterinarians, Dr. Emily Parson inspired Hannah to even look closer at continuing her dream of vet medicine. Once she starts pursuing her veterinary degree she takes an interest in small animal surgery and exotics.

She loves to travel and to make to people laugh! It is the best medicine!

Preston Russell, RVT

Preston Russell is one of the newest members of our Winterville Animal Clinic team. Hailing from nearby Comer, Georgia, he has been working in the field of veterinary medicine for 17 years! Preston is a Registered Veterinary Technician and is also pursuing a Bachelors degree in Biological Sciences.

Preston is a true animal lover at heart and is always willing to help an animal in need. His 3 dogs were all rescues which he came across during his time working in veterinary medicine: Baylor, a Great Dane; Stafford, a Mastiff mix; and Gemma, a Pitbull. Preston's expertise in the veterinary field goes beyond just cats and dogs; he also has a special interest in exotic animal medicine.

When he is not working or attending school, Preston enjoys being outdoors in his garden. He also enjoys running, working out, and of course continuing his education in the ever-growing field of veterinary medicine!

Karen Stewart - Receptionist

Mrs. Karen Stewart has been a member of Winterville Animal Clinic's team for only 6 months, but has been part of the Winterville family for much longer. Hailing from Johnson City, TN, Karen came to Athens after marrying her husband and best friend, Ted, who works in law enforcement.

Karen became a member of the Winterville family in 2014 when she began bringing her 14 rescue dogs to see us for medical care. Karen enjoyed coming to the clinic so much that in late 2015, she brought in her resume and secured a position as a receptionist.

Karen is thrilled to be a part of Winterville's loving staff and is proud of the excellent medicine we provide. Karen especially enjoys educating clients about post surgical care, preventive medicine and behavior issues.

In her spare time, Karen enjoys making crafts for her home business “BabySue Beads”, enjoys snuggles with her rescue animals and rehabilitating wildlife with her husband.

Leila Shutt - Receptionist

By definition of the Webster dictionary; a luau is a traditional Hawaiian party or feast that is usually accompanied by entertainment. We may not have a luau, but we have someone even better! Leila joined our team in May of 2015; originally from Oahu, Hawaii she has brought her originality and Hawaiian splendor with her. Her family has lived in several unique places from Parsons, West Virginia to Okinawa Islands of Japan. She now calls Athens her home.

Leila went to school at UGA and has her BSA in Horticulture. After achieving her degree Leila decided to extend her avenues of interest and became a Certified Arborist with the International Society of Arboriculture. She continued to apply herself with a certification in the Southern Nurseryman Association and finally making sure there are no pests in her home or at Winterville she became certified in Integrated Pest Management. Before joining our team, Leila put her skills to work as a Foreman at the UGA horticulture grounds department and Earth Fare for several years. After an accident with a logging truck, Leila will tell you; “I am Horticulturist who is unable to kick a shovel sufficiently anymore, although it doesn’t stop me from trying! I love animals and learning about them, so I joined the Winterville Animal Clinic team!”

Day to day you can find Leila hard at work with our front office team as a receptionist and always tidying up our spaces. When she gets the chance she enjoys observing surgery and listening to the doctors as they teach and explain what is happening with each case. “The clinic is full of love, hope, care and understanding. I love working here!”

When Leila is not answering phones for us you can find her engaging with her 15 year old son, Miller; trying to figure out what is going on in a teenage boy’s mind! She still loves getting dirty in the yard and fiddling with plants while soaking up the sun!

Leila would like you to know that she sees and feels the love that each client has for their animal and will do all she can to help you leave your visit with a smile.

Stacy Brown - Receptionist/Groomer

If you've ever had your pet groomed at Winterville Animal Clinic, you probably already have an idea of how talented this girl is! Staying close to her hometown in Danielsville, Georgia, Stacy has been grooming pets at Winterville Animal Clinic for 11 years now. Be it a summertime shave on your Great Pyrenese, a professional show cut on your Standard Poodle or an adorable lion cut on your cat, Stacy’s artistic grooming skills will make your pet’s day!

We joke at Winterville that “grass will never grow under this girl’s feet” because she is always on the move. Working 6 days a week, Stacy also lends her expertise to the reception area and we don't know what we would do without her!

Stacy is a mother to 3 beautiful children; 16-year-old Cammie, 14-year-old McKinley, and 4-year-old Kason. Kason can often be found hanging out at the clinic, making everyone he meets crack a smile. That is, when he’s not helping his mom by performing his most important job, professional pet snuggler! The family’s love of animals is evident in their ever-growing collection of rescue animals including: 2 Boxers, 1 Jack Russell Terrier, 1 Beagle, a very talkative African Jardine and the newest member of the clan, a Standard Poodle!

Of course we can’t forget Momma Brown, Stacy’s mother who works as the official dog bather, helping Stacy work magic with her ever-growing clientele.

When Stacy is not working she loves spending time with her kids. The close family enjoys hiking, kayaking and rafting in the beautiful Georgia mountains!

Jessica Harrisone - Certified Obedience Instructor/Veterinary Assistant/Canine Massage Therapist/Cert. Dental Technician/Cert. Ultrasound Technician/Therapy Dog Tester

Jessica left the rolling hills of Pennsylvania in 1996, and traveled south to Georgia! She started her veterinary assistant skills in Alpharetta, worked in Lawrenceville from 1997 to 2006, then in Greensboro from 2006 to December 2015. She has recently married and moved to Oglethorpe County.

Jessica joined our team in February of 2016, after moving here from Greene County. She had a passion for animals as a young girl and pursued her dreams of working with them starting in a local pet store during high school. For the past 19 years she has been working in the animal field. Growing up she had all kinds of pets from rabbits, fish, guinea pigs, cats and dogs. In 2000 Jessica earned her Animal Care Certification. A few years later in 2003; she decided to pursue a dream of earning a dog training certification. She now has her own dog training company, Dealing With your Dog and offers group classes at Bryan Park in Crawford or private lessons in your home. She can help with basic manners, behavioral issues and much more. Once graduation is complete many of her students move onto to do therapy work with their dogs. Jessica is a Tester/Observer (T/O) for the Alliance of Therapy Dogs and can help you and your dog become a therapy team!

In 2010, Jessica had the desire to learn more about pet dentistry and earned her certification with the Association of Veterinary Dental Technicians.(ASVDT); she can’t stress enough importance on educating clients on dental care. “Veterinary dentistry has come a long way over the years, there is much more to do then just cleaning and polishing. Dental care starts at home with basic brushing!” And yes most pets to allow this to be done by owners. At her previous employment Jessica worked with a DVM on advanced dentistry, working with intra-oral x-rays, root canals, mouth molds, vital pulpotomy, and even applying braces on a dog.

In 2012 Jessica suffered severe injuries in a motorcycle accident, doctors feared she would not live and if she did, they didn’t think she would walk again. While bed ridden for 6 months and intense physical therapy, Jessica needed something to keep her mind working, and applied to Equissage to take an at home course for Canine Massage Therapy. It kept her mind off her pain and the grueling physical therapy. She completed the course and can now help patients heal from surgery, injury and arthritis. Due to these catastrophic injuries; Jessica had to re-home her two Paint horses, that she was fond of trail-riding every weekend. After learning to walk again she had a bucket list wish to compete in the local Dancing With the Lake Oconee Stars, and raised over $15,000 for a local pregnancy center. With that amount raised; her and her partner came in first place After being told she would never walk again, she danced instead with a hip hop rendition of Footloose! She would not be where she is today without the support of family, friends and her faith.

In 2015 Jessica completed her abdominal ultrasound training with Oncura Partners and became a certified ultrasound technician. She can scan your pet’s abdomen, perform tissue & bladder samples and generate a report for her DVM to help them treat your pet with the best possible plan for care. She enjoys educating and meeting clients and getting to know them and their pet on a personal basis. “Each pet should be treated as if it is your own.” Her passion lies in senior medicine, and of course puppy kisses! Jessica enjoys reading, watching movies, cooking, spending time with her husband and rehabilitating baby squirrels in her spare time. She attends the Crawford Church of Christ and leads small groups. Jessica personally owns three friendly felines and a Husky/Collie Mix that is a registered Therapy Dog.